Xbox ‘720’ info revealed by inside Source

The next-generation console rumors have been flying around for the past 2 years. Recently, the speculations have been out of control as a possible announcement date gets closer. Speaking with a source who has had hands-on time with the new Xbox console prototype, we’ve learned a few new details. Under conditions of anonymity the source had this to say in regards to testing:

“Microsoft has the prototypes monitored under a microscope and an air tight confidentiality clause.”

There was some information the source was willing to provide. The full details are below:

  • While no confirmation on an announcement date, E3 will be “Party Central” in the Xbox booth
  • The new ‘720’ will have 3x the processing speed of the current 360
  • No hard release date but it looks like Holiday 2013
  • 2 launch versions. 320 GB Arcade / 500 GB Pro. Exact pricing is unknown
  • 1 TB HDD available as a separate purchase
  • It will not include Blu-Ray
  • No picture was available as prototype consoles are packaged in a 360 slim case to “avoid complications” about the design until announcement
  • Tech Specs; AMD eight-core x64 1.6GHz CPU, Direct3d 11.x 800MHz GPU, and 8GB of DDR3 RAM
  • Xbox Smartglass is still a feature in use
  • No word on Kinect 2.0
  • No word on “Immersive” technology being implemented

Expect new information closer to E3.

49 Comments on Xbox ‘720’ info revealed by inside Source

  1. Failbox.

    Seriously who in their right mind wants another xbox. Poor hardware, poor amount of exclusive i.p’s. paying for gold.

    Next gen i’m going PC/PS4.

    Cannot pay to play online any more. Does not offer enough.

    • I’m definitely getting this – so much easier to set media up through all my connected devices. If they keep streamlining everything to work with the console – I’m alllll for it. Xbox is this generations best console. IT is undoubtedly it will do it again next gen.

    • Who in the right mined wants a PS4 right now! You have several years to utilize PS3’s full potential to max it out completely. However, I’m still looking forward to the Next Xbox. And believe me This generation of consoles will be an interesting one. Due to the fact that several other consoles are coming to the market Ouya, Game Stick, and the Steam Box! Which I find interesting and worth while looking at!

    • xbox is no easier to stream media then the ps3….quite the opposite…i have both on streaming and the xbox reads 1/3 the file types that the ps3 does.

    • dude if you break it down, you end up paying a little over a dollar a week if you buy the $60 for a year, if you think $1 a week is too much for hours of fun then you are cheapskate (and you can get a “family pack” 4 gold memberships for $100-$120 meaning if you have 3 friends you only have to pay $20-$30 for a year of live)

      • Yeah i believe that’s the cloud where you can stream music watch movies and stream or download games i’m pretty sure it’s included in the Playstion Plus subscription

    • I agree,this would be a piss poor attempt at being a competitive system if this is all it has to offer. Especially with the lack of Blu-Ray, no one wants 3 discs for a big game anymore.

      Also Playstation offers PS Plus which in every single way is superior to Xbox Live. Free games every month such as Arkham City, Sleeping Dogs, Mass Effect 3, God of War etc. you really cannot go wrong for £40/$60(or whatever it is there)

    • actually it was very smart. to the average consumer it was a cheap buy and then afterwards they realize they need the hard drive and other accessories the pro model had and consumers had to buy separately at full price to get new accessories. also it was a cheap replacement console during the 5 years of the RROD due to the fact that you could easily remove your hard drive

      • Eh no, overly expensive hard drives were never a good thing for people just like the overly expensive wifi adapter back then. I think you have no idea how much Microsoft charged for these back then.
        And not putting in Wifi to “give people a choice” as Micrsofot put it back then, ISN’T a choice when over 95% of people who bought 360s back then had to buy teh adapter with their console because the average person thinks wifi is the only way to go).
        It like saying Gold membership is completely optional. How many features does Xbox Live Gold offer?
        If Microsoft were to take the online play out of the Gold membership and leave everything else the way it is and make it a silver feature tomorrow AND 100 people’s membership was running out later in the week, how many of those people do you think would bother with Gold then. Zero, that’s how many, optional feature my ass.
        I think the big question is will they release the 1st prototype version of the console to the market this time or will they release the final product like the one in Summer 2010?

        • Actually, no it was not overpriced. Your comment shows a distinct lack of knowledge about how things work. The original Xbox 360 Wi Fi adapter was much more akin to a wireless Ethernet bridge than a USB adapter. In those “not overpriced” USB adapters the host system does a lot of the “work”, whereas you can’t do that with a console as the games would expect to have all those resources, so there were a few extra chips to get things done.

          You may not have liked the price, but that doesn’t mean it was overpriced.

  2. How is this any different news than we have heard for months now.

    This article is useless. No new information at all.

  3. I would definitely buy the next XBOX over aPS4! I’ll stick with the leaders, they know what they are doing or they would be leading sony!

  4. First off this is a lie…

    “Microsoft has the prototypes monitored under a microscope and an air tight confidentiality clause.”

    The only reason we know anything about the next Xbox is because they gave it to some kid hacker to see if he could do anything with it.

    Confidentiality clause won’t hold up if it is a minor.

  5. im not paying for a console thatll require me to pay an extra sum just to play online day 1, I m going PS4/pc this generation

  6. if these are the true specs what a waste of money this will be, the next generation shouldn’t be available until the isp and tv company’s can produce better technology. This console should be streaming and downloading games and with the cpu and ram that these spec show no way this console will have that ability to do so… and only 500 gb hdd my 360 has more than that once i bought the 320gb hdd and attached a 1 tb external. Microsoft should learn its lesson from windows 7 and 8 by trying not to rush its product and producing garbage. Let sony be the microsoft of this generation and wait for them to make the screw ups so microsoft can learn from there strengths and weakness, especially since sony already has the pr hype from the early announcement

  7. There has to be more to Microsoft’s new system.

    This information – if true – only tells us that it’s slightly worse than the PS4, mainly due the inferior type of RAM. The lack of Blu-Ray wouldn’t be surprising, since they could take the Nintendo approach of creating a Blu-Ray clone with the same capacity, but without the licensing hassles of the Blu-Ray format, which belong in part to their rival. I don’t use my consoles for media anyway, so I’m fine with that.

    What this information doesn’t say is why we should be looking forward to it. What is the differentiating factor that will make us want to buy this instead of the PS4? There is definitely something missing here, because right now I am not given any reason to even think about purchasing this system.

    • To be honest, the RAM isn’t actually that inferior. GDDR5 is faster for GPU usage, but is rubbish if you’d want to use it for the CPU, because you would need to add a couple extra layers of error correction mechanisms, which GDDR5 doesn’t natively support. This would either slow down the CPU (letting it calculate checksums for all data stored to the RAM) or adding a relatively huge latency to the ram (letting the memory chipset do all the checksum calculations).

      While regular DDR3 might be a bit slower than GDDR5, it won’t cause as much trouble or latency as modified GDDR5 would AND it would make research a lot cheaper, because they could just use existing chipsets instead of having to work together with AMD to develop a new chipset to make the CPU able to work with GDDR5.
      So just a little less performance on the graphics, with a chance that there would actually be some dedicated GPU RAM (unknown at this moment), versus a lower cost on both research and production. I think that Microsoft quickly knew what they woud pick!

      Yes, GDDR5 costs a LOT more than DDR3, where you can get 8GB of GDDR3, high quality 1600Mhz, you’d only pay 50 to 75 dollars. 2GB of GDDR5 already costs nearly 50 dollars for the chips ALONE.

  8. I’m leading more toward ps4 right now more because of the exclusives, hopefully Xbox shows us something big in April when it’s being announced.

  9. I knew years ago that Microsoft wouldn’t pay into Bluray, why would it pay money to Sony? Rumours of the Xbox 720 being a HD DVD console might become reality, there’s no way it’ll be DVD based, but it’ll probably play DVD movies. Anyone with any sense will agree 100% that the Xbox 720 will be on par with the PS4, so it’s a pointless debate. The Xbox 360 held up against the PS3 and even the PC. So as per usual, it’ll be all down to firstparty games, not forgetting thirdparty games. With Sony having a mass cut back on its studios, my money is on Microsoft to deliver (firstparty games). An improved Xbox Live and Kinect will be a very good start for Microsoft. Sony crumbled when the PS3 was released and it’s continued with the Vita. The PS4 will be a great system, but I don’t think the PS4 will so Sony many favours.

    • LOL, that’s a joke right? As someone who has only owned a 360 and never a ps3, I can already tell you that the ps3 out did the 360 hands down, only thing it was missing was the party chat system 360 had. And you’d have to be the most misinformed person to let yourself be tricked into believing(either by others or by your own desperate need to be a Microsoft fan boy) that the 360 was ever on par with the PC. NEVER has it been that, nor could it ever be. The 720 and PS4 will be the first consoles ever to be on par with modern day PC’s. And only barely at that, since the rate that PC’s are developing at, will soon leave this new generation of consoles in the dust, assuming that the consoles won’t be as easily changeable with their hardware as PC’s are.

      So please don’t lie to yourself ANYMORE, because the only thing you said that was correct was that Microsoft wouldn’t dare pay their competitor for bluray. And with Microsoft’s rep being pretty damn iffy after their last game consoles scandal, you’ve got a public that’s rather cautious about jumping head first into xbox territory.

  10. I think Microsoft need to bring some new features in and at no cost cause lots of people aren’t in the mood of paying €60 for a Gold membership when the only thing you get is to play online and everything else cost you money like its not far on the player especially if that player is say 14 15 and can bearly afford there Gold membership and getting nothing else with it

  11. As Long As The Xbox Has Great Titles Coming Out I’m getting it the PS4 won’t be a better buy and I believe Sony knows that. They got games for little kids coming out release date like really.. -_- But Xbox will win again another 10 years of great services.

  12. This is the FIRST info link that has stated Xbox “720” will forgo the addition of Blu Ray. Don’t see that happening. One of the main selling points of the PS3 was the inclusion of Blu Ray. MS isn’t going to let Sony retain that exclusivity as a “gimme”. Xbox 720 WILL include Blu Ray. This dev kit didn’t doesn’t mean the final system won’t.

    Previous post’s insight into RAM choice was interesting. I hadn’t though of the cost in resource overhead in those terms. Time will tell. Perhaps MS will debut the 720 at a lower price point, due to the use of DDR3?

  13. All I know is that the Xbox 720 will not compete with the PS4. I’m a 360 owner and I’ll be swtiching to PS4.

    I just can’t see it competing with PS4..

    The downfall of Xbox is that it’s too Kinect focused… I don’t give a fuck about Kinect.

    I bet you all of Xbox 720 new features will be Kinect focused.. Bullshit.

    I’m switching consoles.

    • xbox 720 has no chance like for example first week xbox 360 came out damn thing melted the discs ahaha im happy with my ps3 and all the sqweekers on xbox live are way to annoying as it is and plus shit gets hacked all the time on xbox 360 and are you kidding upgrade all ready still using the cave man disc tray and dvd rom discs get out of here switch to the future tech all ready you can never have the same graphics no matter how many chips you put in it you will need more space on a disc for good graphics LOL honestly im sticking with playstation got hacked 5 times on xbox plus all this talking garbage between the two consoles is non sense to me im just stating pure facts

  14. I’m a 360 owner, and, after comparing Sony’s press conference to this, I believe Sony has it in the bag. The PS4 will have a much upgraded PS Eye that will not only allow you to turn the regular controllers into Move contollers but will also function as a Kinect. Sony, being the graphics kings they are, have included 4k graphics capabilities, which entirely wipes out the PS3’s 1080 and will guide the PS4 nicely into the future of HD. The new online features such as the instant “Share” controller button for YouTubers and the cross-screen capabilities with friends sold me entirely. I’m definitely switching to the PS4 this gen.

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