Xbox One will be successful even if you don’t want it to be

Microsoft has caused a stir recently with the plans for Xbox One. At E3 they did everything right; they showed games, new IP’s, some interesting new features and snagged some timed exclusives to convince gamers that the Xbox One is for them. But their whole E3 event was overshadowed by previous revelations like strict DRM and Kinect intruding on privacy. The DRM is will stop you lending your games freely, stop you from selling you game privately and enforce regular online checks to authenticate the games you are playing. No internet means you can’t play any games at all. After all this the console will still sell and Microsoft knows this. This is why:

 Money talks

 Microsoft aren’t shy to throw money at their products to make them sell, we’ve seen it with the 360, games and Kinect. Sure advertising campaigns can cost millions but get it right and you will reap the rewards. The Kinect sold over 20M units which is unheard of for a $150 gaming peripheral but it had a $500M advertising campaign behind it.  It’s almost certain that an avalanche of money will be spent on advertising Microsoft’s latest and hottest device and in return expect to see a ton of Xbox One’s being shipped all over the world by the millions.

 Time is the biggest healer

 It might seem like a huge thing right now but all the fuss will die down before the console hits the selves. Good or bad, gamers will be more accepting of Microsoft’s DRM policies and get on with life. Gamers will adapt and a few months down the line there will be something else to moan about. It’s not the first time the gaming industry has changed and it certainly won’t be the last. Maybe this is the future for gaming; last gen Microsoft charged you to play multiplayer and stayed ahead of the game with Live, a gen later and Sony realised charging is needed to provide its users with a more robust service and stay competitive with PSN.


 If you want to play next gen Halo and Gears of War, what console do you have to buy? The Xbox One. The Xbox has powerful gaming franchises that will keep fans locked to the platform. DRM might suck but if you want to play Forza or Fable you’re going to have to accept it. In addition Microsoft is trying to play Sony at its own game. At E3 they introduced a number of new exclusive IP’s like Project Spark and Quantum Break. Microsoft also promises to reveal more projects in the future.

 Most gamers are unaware of what is going on

 We have to face it that a lot of gamers do not follow gaming news religiously. Some will only have to see Call of Duty advertised with an Xbox One logo on the end and they’re sold. Even if they are made aware by word of mouth of the on-going controversial issue’s they will have the three things above levitating them toward Microsoft’s next gen console. Xbox fans will more than likely remain Xbox fans with only the price being the major factor to tempt them over to the cheaper PS4.

PS4 prices

 People like to paint a doom and gloom picture for the Xbox One but it will still sell tens of millions. We all agree here at GC that what they are doing is completely wrong and anti-consumer but the Xbox brand is too strong and Microsoft has enough money to make sure it’s a success. If anything is posing a threat to the Xbox One, it’s the PS4’s $100 cheaper price tag.


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